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Online credit specialist!

AFP puts its know-how at your disposal to find the credit that suits you best. As an online credit specialist, AFP offers you its financing solutions: revolving credit, personal loans, credit consolidation, car loans, mortgage loans, project financing and investments.
The company was created with the conviction that everyone should have equal access to better financial options, now and forever. Since its inception, we have been proud to help people from all walks of life, regardless of continent, country or financial situation. We are convinced that each person is the best manager of his or her own life.

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Our Mission

To satisfy you as well as possible, AFP guarantees you attractive and tailor-made credit offers. Because we believe that the trust of our customers is essential to establish a lasting relationship, we are committed to doing everything possible to satisfy you on a daily basis.

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Our Strategy

Providing you with clear and precise information, measuring the quality of Our services and listening to what you have to say are the commitments of our quality approach. We put at your service all our know-how in the sale of remote credit solutions.

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Why choose Us?

Since we know you are busy with your daily tasks, we provide you with a 100% secure online service, from application to loan implementation.
We have more than 12 years of experience that allows us to provide you with exactly what you need.
We have qualified and trained advisors to provide you with precise solutions to all your financing problems.
From the request to the implementation of the credit, we do everything possible to facilitate the procedure. The funds are made available as soon as possible.

Our best assets


We are experts in this industry with over 12 years of experience. This means that we are able to provide you with the best solutions, we are recommended by several experts.

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Advanced analysis

Thanks to our efficient team and our appropriate tools, we are able to provide you with the best simulation, the best assessment of your credit with all possible contours.

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Customer control

We take the time to get to know our customers, to familiarize ourselves with their requirements, in order to provide them with the best service adapted to their needs and budget. We put the customer at the centre of our actions.

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Some Statistics

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We have been providing you with special services for more than 12 years

Personal Loan

Personal loans allow you to finance your projects without having to justify your expenses. Fast and reliable solution.

Car Loan

Is your car showing signs of fatigue? Is your family growing? Do you need a new car?

Real estate loan

You want to buy a property and you need financing? We offer you the best service fo this type of loan.

Repurchase of credit

Buying back credit is a possible solution to control the management of your budget. Consolidate all your credits.

Project financing

Do you have a project? Whether in the agricultural, industrial, health, social or any other field?


Do you have any capital? Do you want to make them profitable? Don't you earn enough on term deposits in banks?

Some Testimonials

Real Profile
Düsseldorf, Deutschland

Luika R

I applied to AFP, and I received my loan, I respected the conditions and I admit that I found satisfaction. Just know how to make the right choice when it comes to your money worries.Thank you to you.

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Real Profile
Lille, France

Marie S.

To your attention! I managed to get my loan thanks to the AFP institution. I had satisfaction in 4 days. If you also need a credit, or if you are banned from banking, please take part on their website to learn about their offer.

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Real Profile
Lausanne, Switzerland

Peter G.

Hello. After my career, I will rather say my loss of time among fraudsters, I finally found satisfaction at AFP. I advise you not to get lost. AFP is the solution for our money problems

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Real Profile
Rome, Italy

Matteo R.

Hello, I am here to thank you because your loan has helped me a lot and today I own my own house. I won't deny that at first I didn't believe it, but my loan was granted to me in 48 hours. Thank you to your staff.

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Real Profile
Oslo, Norway

Igor K.

They do enough loan publishing but the only structure I know today that helps with financial concerns is the AFP structure. Thanks to this financing structure I was able to benefit from 15000 € as a loan that I have been looking for for 12 months.

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Real Profile
Melbourne, Australia

Erin P.

I also found smiles again thanks to AFP. I had a loan of 18,000€; in 4 days of proceedings. I advise you not to get lost anymore, take a look at their platform to learn about their field of intervention and make your requests.

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